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Physical Classes & Workshops  available 

We have a delicious range of classes to offer. Each will cover a specific aspect of food ; you will find out that cooking is be fun, pleasurable and that once you get started nothing will stop you. Discover your inner cook in an easy and fun way, become skilled at preparing your own dishes, cooking form fresh and no longer rely on ready made meals. Eat well every day and why not entertain and impress with your new found skills.


  Event dates times and venues will  be announced / alternatively  we will be happy to organise your own class: contact us, we would love to hear from you!


Healthy cooking

Cook for family and balanced meals, cook for being healthy and concentrate at school and at work, balance meals with all nutrients, read labels and follow Eat well plate. Learn basic cooking skills to startt cooking independently. Learn  how to plan and vary menus,  use left overs. Save money. Eat fresh. Quick meals easy to prepare.

Healthy cooking & Nutritional advice

Cook for weight management. Portion size. Nutrients, energy expenditure, calculate and understande your BMI, adapt your favourite recipes to their healthy version. Maanage a healthy weight without feeling hungry. Enjoy food!

Healthy cooking with children


Enjoy cooking with your children, discover the fun of sharing cooking, planning meals and see that giving the young ones a say in the cooking of the meal will helps towards making fussy eating a thing of the pastC. ook with children and develop this essential life skill.

French cooking- menu examples

French techniques in cuisine are the foundation for a huge array of dishes. Learn delicious famous  traditional dishes and explore the rich variety of French cooking, region by region. From entrees to main courses and desserts. 

Healthy and vegetarian versions of the traditional French recipes are available

Available in French- classes are carefully designed to be progressive and are adaptable to your level. 


Cooking for team building

Any workshop can be the occasion to organise your own team building. If there is a theme you want to explore with your colleague, contact us to discuss your needs and we can tailor made the event to your requirements.

Tartes & quiches

Learn how to make delicious pastries for tartes and quiches. Create your own variation of a quiche Lorraine. Make delicious tartes with fruits or vegetables, tatins, apple tartes,  Gluten free options. Explore healthier options with sweet pizzas.

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