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What participants thought of the home classes-Testimonials

I was surprised that something I had baked ended up tasting so good. But I will put that down to Isabelle's extensive knowledge of cooking. 


—Athos, London

I really enjoyed mixing everything up according to your clear and helpful instructions and what turned out of it was super delicious. I also liked that you let all of us work in our own way & decide on ingredients apart from the main ones. 

—Judit, London

White Washed Wood

Isabelle is great fun to be around so when you combine that with her joy of cooking and natural flair for teaching then you'd be pretty hard pushed not to get a lot out of her workshops.


— Dahnen London

I participated in two workshops one with my two daughters and one with friends. Both of the sessions were amazing!! The recipes were healthy, simple and easy, as there were not many complicated ingredients needed.

— Habibun , London

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