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Healthy cooking for cancer patients and their carers with the Sara Lee trust

When you need to  change your diet because of your illness it can become a challenge to cook/eat in a new way that can satisfy the taste.

This course  is a safe and nurturing set of 6 cooking sessions to  connect or reconnect with the pleasure of food.


The objectives of the workshop are to help regain control, with engaging in something personalised  practical and creative.

With a mindful and curious approach, participants explore how to cook the best food for them to eat. Building strength throughout treatment and recovery to feel nurtured.

In the group sessions, people  share skills, joyful moments and support and make friendships .


The face to face course last two hours for 6 weeks.

We will start again soon in March 2022

There is a waiting list.

We will do a first call to determine each participants individual needs.

Individual sessions or small groups will be arranged.

Through referral by

the Sara Lee trust.


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