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Events & Classes

Healthy cooking & nutritional advice

If you wish you could cut down on ready made dishes packed with salt, sugar and unhealthy preservatives, save money, get some new ideas for exciting meals and become healthier, and why not manage your weight better without renouncing to your favourite dishes.  This course teaches you how to make cooking  healthier and more economical.


Healthy cooking for cancer patients and their carers with the Sara Lee Trust

6 weekly sessions covering easy and restoring food for cancer patients and their carers. This is a safe and nurturing moment to share with others and reconnect with the pleasure of food. 

Through referral by the Sara Lee trust.

Fruit tartes and pastry workshop

How would you like to make a homemade delicious quiche or a fruit tarte. Quiche Lorraine, Cheese and onion, roast peppers and chorizo, there is no boundaries to inventiveness. Once you learn the basics you will be able to explore and create delicious quiches and tartes with your own personal twist.

French cooking (in English or in French)

Enjoy cooking simple yet deliciously authentic French recipes that are not that complicated to prepare. Travel in France with taste; Brittany, Normandie, Bourgone, Alsace, Auvergne, Provence... too many to name them all! Every corner of the French hexagon offers an amazing variety of beautiful dishes. 

Choose the option French language and  improve your French or learn from the basic on a theme many French people can talk for hours in France: Food! Handy if you are planning a holiday to France.

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