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Group or personnal  classes


At home: we will be able to  organise a cooking class in the comfort of your own home when Covid-19 restriction will no longer apply

In the meanwhile we are able to provide online classes. Contact us for details.

In special venues around Bexhill & Hastings: watch events page for further announcements or our Facebook page


Delicious healthy cooking classes

Explore the world in 80 ways or more: From the British Isles to Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere travel with your tastebuds. Explore your inner cook, whilst experimenting with delicious dishes. Learn to plan meals, shop, read labels and find ways to use left overs, saving money and becoming a more sustainable cook. Adaptable to all audiences. Adults, children, families.

Weight management and nutritional advice

(contact us for more details)

Learn how to maintain a healthy weight and a balanced happy life stylle. If you feel like it learn whilst cooking delicious meals. Even your favourite naughty meal exist as a healthier delicious and simple version!

Healthy cooking for cancer patients and their carers with the Sara Lee Trust

6 weekly sessions covering easy and restoring food for cancer patients and their carers. This is a safe and nurturing moment to share with others and reconnect with the pleasure of food. 

Through referral by the Sara Lee trust.

Welcome to The Rainbow Kitchen Magicl!

Cook a healthier cuisine, prepare balanced meals. Special diets recipes, planning meals tuitions and nutritional advice  for a healthy weight also available.Unleash your inner creative cook. Learn and experiment delicious dishes, in a friendly and fun environement.


Travel with your tastebuds via Home cooked cuisine from around the world exploring food through new recipes.

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